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The word "Dojo" literally translated means "House or place of personal transformation."

It was always a place where you could speak to the teacher directly about your personal life enhancing goals, desires and strategies for continued and sustainable results for the rest of your life through continued Martial Arts training.

So whether you want to learn the Art of Karate-Do, greater flexibility, stress reduction, weight loss, self-defense, fitness perspectives, natural health initiatives, home agriculture or just to sweat, have FUN and meet some new friends, you have come to the right house indeed.

The benefits are enormous while the cost is very minimal with affordable plans to fit into any household or personal budget.

Please feel free to browse our website's pages as they are all very different and they are intended to offer a glimpse into the kind of training that you can expect to enjoy here at our Dojo.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any additional information that you might require. Thank-You!






We teach the "Art of Karate-Do" which is a lifestyle not just for today but for your whole life!                   

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